Twitter Bio Ideas – How to Write Your Twitter Bio

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If the point of your Twitter account is to be amusing, interest your peers, or to even share about your life, then it doesn’t matter one bit what you put in your Twitter bio. But if you’re looking to gain followers or convert customers, it’s important that you know how to write a

How To Block / UnBlock Someone On Facebook

Block Someone on Facebook

The Facebook block feature creates a list of users that cannot access your friendship pages, comments, pictures, and other content. In addition to the blocked user no longer having access to your profile, the blocking user also loses access to the blocked

DreamHost Coupon / Promo Code April 2014

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DreamHost is the leader in shared web hosting, virtual private servers, dedicated hosting, and cloud web hosting. DreamHost is also the most recommended web hosting for WordPress. It powers over 600,000 WordPress blogs and websites globally. Features You get unlimited

4 Best XML Sitemap Generators


Sitemaps are a list of URLs from your site, organized and prepared so that search engines can easily and accurately index all of your content. XML sitemaps are particularly useful for new sites, sites with dynamic content, sites with hundreds or thousands of pages, and sites

7 Ways to Use Facebook for Marketing

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Over the past few years, Facebook has become one of the valuable and important marketing tools on the Internet. As the largest social networking site in the world, there are dozens of ways that Facebook can help you market your business, from its highly targeted advertising to

4 Best Cheap WordPress Hosting

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If you have spent any time searching for WordPress hosting solutions, you already know there is no shortage of options available online. Top quality service, support, and unlimited everything simply is not that hard to find these days. Unfortunately, many web developers learn

15 Best Social Media Apps


If keeping up with social networking is important to you, social media apps can help. No matter if you’re trying to share the details of your day to day life or managing your networks for professional purposes, there’s an app that can make what you do easier. But with

How to Disable Comments in WordPress

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From keeping reader attention on more relevant content to cutting down on spam posts or inappropriate conversation, there are many reasons why you might want to disable comments on WordPress. No matter your reason, you should be pleased to know that disabling comments on

15 Best Instagram Apps


If a picture is worth a thousand words, a picture and text must be worth even more. Instagram may not have many content editing tools, but there are several great Instagram apps that help you make your content into what you want it to be. 7 Ways To Print Instagram

How to Add a Twitter Follow Button to Your Website / Blog

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Ever since the follow button was first released way back in May of 2011, social media buttons have become a staple of blogging. Adding Twitter buttons to your website will help your visitors share content and connect with you on Twitter. Thankfully, Twitter has made adding a