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Regardless if you’re blogging for fun or for business, you need your profile to get the right kind of attention if you want your social media presence to grow. Getting your intended audience to tune into your channel can be difficult, but with the right tools to help, the task

6 Social Media Monitoring Tools

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With the numerous social media platforms that businesses have to use today, it’s never been more important to be able to monitor your activity on those sites in real-time. In the modern social media landscape, both social listening and monitoring has become a standard practice

Buffer vs Hootsuite


The ongoing debate between fans of HootSuite and Buffer has been raging in the social media marketing circle for a number of years. Like with so many things in life, there is no definitive answer to which is better. This is because each product has its own unique features that

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5 Free Essential Tools for Improving Your Blog

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Maintaining a top-notch blog can be one of the more challenging aspects of managing the online presence of your business. Thankfully, there is a wide variety of free tools available that can help ease the burden of your workload and improve the efficacy of your

10 Best Apps for Writers

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The past two decades have changed what it means to be a writer, as technology has taken us from scribbling in on a legal pad to word processing from the palm of your hand. With the use of smartphones, tablets, and other modern devices, the potential to share and enhance your

7 Common Business Mistakes on Facebook

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If you’re having a hard time achieving the levels of engagement you want to reach on Facebook, it may be time for you to reevaluate your strategy. Although finding success on social media may not be rocket science, there are a variety of common mistakes that even veteran

DreamHost $100 Discount

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How to Gain More Twitter Followers


Getting more Twitter followers is simply a matter of becoming follow-worthy and more visible. This isn't as difficult as it may seem. In fact, while it's something that you'll need to invest time in, you'll be pleased to start seeing results right away. Here are some

How To Add Instagram Widget To Blogger


Looking to add Instagram to your website? Unlike many social networks, Instagram has little support for embedded posts. Thankfully, there are a handful of highly valuable widgets that can help bring the native Instagram experience directly to your site. Below we’ll look at