10 Best Apps for Writers

The past two decades have changed what it means to be a writer, as technology has taken us from scribbling in on a legal pad to word processing from the palm of your hand.

With the use of smartphones, tablets, and other modern devices, the potential to share and enhance your writing has never been so great.

Below you’ll find a few apps that can help be a muse to you, inspiring your creativity, and help you take the next step towards finishing your next big project.


Penultimate is an award-winning iPad app that helps writers combine the experience of writing on a notepad with the convenience of the digital age. It enables you to write, sketch, or otherwise scribble directly on your iPad as though it were a piece of paper, then allow you to save and sync your documents with Evernote’s comprehensive cloud features. All your notes are easily searchable and available on any device you use.


If you want to integrate photos, videos, and text into a single document, Storehouse is exactly what you need. With one click publishing and professional design templates, this app can help ensure your work always looks its best. After you’ve published your story, it’s designed to look great regardless of the device it’s loaded on. As the winner of the Apple 2014 design award, Storehouse is definitely worth checking out on the basis of its novelty alone.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

A dictionary and a thesaurus are essential to the writer’s profession, but gone are the days of having to sift through a dusty 3,000 page tome to find the words you’re looking for. With the Merriam-Webster app, you can enjoy access to all the illustrations, foreign words, and definitions you can find in a standard dictionary.


If you need to store and organize information, you need Evernote. This digital note keeper enables you to organize your ideas along with photos and audio recordings to ensure your ideas are as rich as they are in your head. There are several valuable time-saving functions, including a search tool, comprehensive syncing, and one-click sharing to most social networks.

Dragon Dictation

Do you think faster than you type? If so, you need an app that can keep up with the speed of your own creativity. Just load up Dragon Dictation and hit the record button, and whatever you dictate to your mobile device will automatically be transformed to text. Dragon will even help you put your lengthy text documents directly into an SMS, email, or publish directly to Facebook!


Are you easily distracted? SelfControl is an app that can help create a whitelist and blacklist of websites on your device, allowing you to eliminate distractions and focus on the task at hand. The app also comes with a timer that can help you keep an eye on your deadline as you work through the day.


True to its name, Draft is an app that helps you improve the draft you’re currently working on. This free app has been designed to help writers gain the benefit of another person helping look at your work. With Draft, your editors can submit changes to your draft directly to you, allowing you to review them before accepting or rejecting them. If you’re working on any collaborative projects, Draft is a must have.


Whether you’re working on your next blog post or you’re just writing an email, sometimes you need a little help from your friends. Poetica can help you get another set of eyes to look at your work, allowing you to share, import, and save directly from the app. If you ever need help with proofreading, Poetica is definitely worth checking out.

Writer Pro

This premium writing suite can scan your writing, highlighting your use of nouns, verbs, prepositions, adjectives, and conjunctions, allowing you to easily read and refine your writing. If you’re doing anything involving technical writing, Writer Pro is a must-have. It’s also worth noting that every document is synced directly with the iCloud.


The Shareist app is elegant, yet simple. It works by placing a button on your browser that helps you plan and distribute content. Capture text, videos, images, and other types of media to Shareist. Once you’ve got a few ideas saved, Shareist allows you to tag and comment on them, enabling you to turn those inspirational bits into full blown blog posts, eBooks, social medial posts, or newsletters. Shareist is the go-to platform for anyone who has to publish to several networks.

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