15 Best Social Media Apps

If keeping up with social networking is important to you, social media apps can help.

No matter if you’re trying to share the details of your day to day life or managing your networks for professional purposes, there’s an app that can make what you do easier.

But with thousands of apps to choose from, where should you begin?


Whether you’re just keeping up with friends or planning for social media marketing, Twitter is a cornerstone of the social networking world, and the Twitter app is the gateway in. Connect with the nearly 200 million Twitter users worldwide, and get real time feed from your friends and favorite organizations.


This is the go-to app for cross platform note taking, because it lets you take highly customizable notes with photo and to-do lists. Evernote is also integrated with social networks like Facebook and Twitter for one tap sharing with your colleagues.


Put simply, Flipboard is a social media content aggregate app. It can help you stay in touch with the news that matters to you and uncover new content relevant to your interests. You can add your accounts from most major social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter.


The Facebook site was designed for desktop browsers, and the Facebook app is designed to make Facebook a more hospitable experience on your portable devices. You can stay in touch with your friends, share updates, participate in group conversations, play games, and do just about everything else you do on Facebook.


Over 250 million people use Skype, and it’s the go-to VOIP client for professionals. Skype can help you make free video calls from your phone, IM your friends, share photos, and is absolutely free to use. Additionally, it’s worth knowing that the Skype app connects with the entire Skype network, with Skype clients available on every device imaginable, from tablets to televisions.


For everything Skype can’t do, Meebo can. Meebo is a cross network instant messaging app that can help you chat with your friends on AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, Facebook Chat, Windows Live Messenger, MySpace, and Google Talk, and more.


Instagram is one of the most popular social networks, and the Instagram app is your gateway inside. Create custom photos and videos by using distinctive filter effects, and then share that content with your friends on Instagram. All you need is an Instagram account to follow what your friends are posting!


Another alternative to Skype; with more than 10 million users, Imo.im is one of the most popular Android messaging apps. Like Skype, it supports free video calls, photo sharing, and chat history. Unlike Skype, it can connect to your friends on Facebook, Google Talk, AIM, Jabber, ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger, and Steam.


With over 40 million users, FourSquare is a social network in its own right. The FourSquare app can help you keep up to date about what your friends are doing, record and share your own adventures, find the hottest places in your area, and discover FourSquare exclusive deals.


If you’re a Google+ user, you’ll want to get the Google+ app. Similar to the Facebook app, the Google+ app is designed to provide a native browsing experience on mobile devices. You can do everything you can on the desktop version of Google+, including networking, joining communities, and posting photos.


With a quarter of a billion active users, LinkedIn is the premier network for working professionals. You can use the LinkedIn app to keep an eye on the industries that interest you, search for new jobs, read industry news, learn more about companies, and just about anything else that it’s possible to do on the LinkedIn site.


If you want to use Tumblr from your smartphone, you want the Tumblr app. With the Tumblr app you can share anything, including videos, photos, and text. You can also save drafts, place new posts into a queue, and reply to messages. There’s even offline support, allowing you to create posts, reblog content, and post replies while you’re not connected to the Internet.


WhatsApp is much more than just another Android instant messaging client. WhatsApp integrates with your phone number like normal SMS, so you don’t need to remember a username for your account or worry about importing your friends. You can connect through Wi-Fi or 3G to call or message your friends, and enjoy some of the most impressive group chat of any messaging client.


There may be no greater rising star in the world of social media than Pinterest. The Pinterest app will help you discover new things and “Pin” them to your page in order to help you organize and share your favorites. You can collect illustrations, art, infographics, coupons, recipes, and fitness tips straight from the app.


Included in Time Magazine’s 50 best Android apps of 2013, Vine has rapidly risen to notoriety. Vine is the Twitter video platform, and in keeping with the spirit of Twitter, Vine videos have a strict six second limit. With the Vine app you can post Vines to major social networks like Twitter and Facebook, tag your videos with hashtags, and explore the Vine content universe!

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