How to Optimize Your Image Content for Pinterest

Many marketers focus the majority of their efforts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, giving little thought to Pinterest. While it is smaller than these other three networks, there is no question that it has a powerful presence in the social media world. Consider the fact that

How to Become a Freelance Travel Writer

Writing about travel as a career requires you to have a wicked sense of adventure, but it is also one of the most amazing, rewarding and incredible careers you can have. It’s one of the only professions that allows a freelancer to see the world and write about their adventures at

Buffer vs Hootsuite

The ongoing debate between fans of HootSuite and Buffer has been raging in the social media marketing circle for a number of years. Like with so many things in life, there is no definitive answer to which is better. This is because each product has its own unique features that

5 Free Essential Tools for Improving Your Blog

Maintaining a top-notch blog can be one of the more challenging aspects of managing the online presence of your business. Thankfully, there is a wide variety of free tools available that can help ease the burden of your workload and improve the efficacy of your

4 Best Evernote Alternatives

If you’ve tried Evernote and discovered that it left you wanting, don’t fret. There are dozens of great Evernote alternatives available, most of which are completely free. Although Evernote isn’t for everyone, with a little reading, it’s easy to find a perfect match for your

4 Best XML Sitemap Generators

Sitemaps are a list of URLs from your site, organized and prepared so that search engines can easily and accurately index all of your content. XML sitemaps are particularly useful for new sites, sites with dynamic content, sites with hundreds or thousands of pages, and sites

7 Ways to Use Facebook for Marketing

Over the past few years, Facebook has become one of the valuable and important marketing tools on the Internet. As the largest social networking site in the world, there are dozens of ways that Facebook can help you market your business, from its highly targeted advertising to

9 Best Online Backlink Checker Tools

These days, link building is one of the most important parts of search engine optimization. The quality of your link profile is a boon or a curse depending on how you build it. If you’re trying to gain some insight into your own link profile, please consider the following

How To Put Music On Tumblr

Like most Tumblr customization, adding a music player is easy and should only take a few minutes to even the most novice computer users. Better still, depending on which media sites you use to play music, creating your own personal playlist may be as simple as performing a

10 Best Ways to Increase Website Traffic

From free to paid and clever to simple, there’s no shortage of ways to increase traffic to your site. Below you’ll find many of most effective tried and true methods of driving traffic, most of which can be utilized without having to spend a single cent. Although creating