How To Improve Alexa Rank

First things first, Alexa ranking does NOT affect your search engine results and ranking at all. Let us just get that out of the way. Now, that being said, having a lower Alexa ranking is important as far as the probability of getting more revenue from your blog is

5 Best Blogging Platforms

There are many platforms that you can use to build a blog. If you are new to blogging, thinking about why you want to blog will help you choose the right platform to meet your needs. Do you simply want to share your thoughts? Or is your primary goal to earn revenue with your

How to Start a Blog and Make Money Online

Do you want to start a blog but do not know where to begin? This article shows you how to start a blog and make money online even if you have very little technical knowledge. Blog Setup Choose a Domain Name Choose Web Hosting Best Hosting For WordPress Cheap