6 Ways To Make More Money With Google Adsense

While making money with Google AdSense may not be an exact science, there are more than a couple things just about anyone can to do optimize an ad campaign.

Detailed industry research has revealed that minor and apparently superficial changes to your campaign can go a long ways towards your bottom line.

And because you don’t need a marketing degree for any of these tips, just about anyone with a few minutes and a willingness to try new things can start to make more money from AdSense with only minor optimization.

Target Your Ads

AdSense has a tendency to assign advertisements to content with very little discrimination. While this isn’t financially ruinous for anyone on a PPC basis, it is a waste of time to have ads on sites that aren’t producing results. Much of this has to do with understanding not only the intended demographic of the advertisement, but also the demographic of the types of pages your ads will be placed on. For example, sites that are sales-oriented tend to generate more clicks for product advertisements than sites that are information-based, because informational sites attract a different minded audience than sites like Amazon.

While Google does an admirable job at pairing up advertisers with sites that will be profitable for all parties, human intervention into that process can help narrow down the sort of ads that your site will receive in a way that can rapidly crank up your CTR. Google may have no qualms about offering up ads for products or services that only have a marginal degree of relation to your own content, but it’s easy to optimize AdSense by blocking certain ad categories from the allow & block ads option straight from your AdSense dashboard. This filtering process allows you incredibly in-depth control over highly specific ad categories as well as data about the impressions and earnings of those categories. You can also use this field to discriminate against competitor’s advertisements or advertisements that may be offensive to your niche.

Keyword Optimization

Because AdSense is keyword oriented, selecting the best cost per click keywords for your niche is probably the single most effective way to optimize any campaign. After all, keywords will help determine what sort of ads will show up on your site. While AdSense makes it incredibly easy to monitor keyword performance, many web developers make the mistake of selecting initial keywords and then forgetting about them entirely. But keeping your keywords current and effective can be as proactive of a process as any other element of campaign optimization, so it’s important to remain vigilant in tracking keyword performance for the entire duration of your time with AdSense.


Google’s SmartPricing is designed to give advertisers discounted rates based on the perceived value of a website, largely determine by its popularity and click through rate. This means that a site with a high click through rate will be perceived of higher value, increasing the cost per click. Likewise, a lower click through rate will lower the perceived value for a negative impact. While the difference between SmartPriced content and non-SmartPriced content is often only marginal, these marginal differences can be substantial when exponentially multiplied by time and clicks.

One trick to get around this barrier is to post ads on older content exclusively. Regular visitors are less likely to click advertisements, and utilizing older posts allows you to manipulate your click through rate to be reasonably high. Alternatively, you can display your ads only to people who have arrived to your content through a search engine, although this is somewhat more technically involved than discerning the best place to put your ads.

Change Ad Format

AdSense advertisements can come in a wide variety of formats, allowing you to select a format that not only visually fits with your site but also isn’t intrusive in the process. But not every format is equally valuable. Research has shown that large 336×280 advertisements are much more likely to be clicked than smaller alternatives.

While this is partially due to the increased visibility of a larger advertisement and partially due to the fact that larger resolutions are sufficient to host rich media ads, the specific reasons are less important than the webmaster developing a willingness to try new ad formats and see what works. Although some advertisers report that text-based ads are better at generating clicks than rich media ads, the best option for your content will depend on the unique features of your site that can truly only be determined with personal trial and error.

Minor Alterations

Although minor tweaks to things like ad font and color might seem trifling or inconsequential, industry research has been clear in demonstrating that small changes to apparently insignificant elements can produce drastic results. When working with AdSense, this largely means changes to your color schemes. Sharp color contrasts, like black and white or red and green, can go a long ways towards improving your CTR. You can change the font color and type for your ads by heading to AdSense and navigating to the ad units option, selecting a specific ad unit, and then the editing the ad style field.

Track Your Progress

Much like with ad format, many of the details of your campaign should be subject to trial and error. If you take care to determine which ads work and which don’t, you’ll be able to figure out everything from how your ads perform seasonally to why it is that ads in a particular section of your site have a disproportionately positive or negative performance. Examining your top performers as well as your worst performers can offer valuable insight into what makes your successful ads successful.

12 Best Ways to Make Money Online

When it comes to making money online, conventional wisdom holds that you need to speculate in order to accumulate. And thanks to the Internet, there are now nearly limitless ways to create and develop revenue streams that require no more than a little know-how and hard work.

Of all the various methods to make money online, the following twelve options include some of the most rewarding, profitable, and sure-fire methods of making money online today.

Ways to Make Money Online


Countless bloggers have already made a living out of their passion with little more than a free domain name and some basic writing skills. Bloggers can accrue profit by any number of means, but two of the most popular methods include affiliate marketing and selling advertising space. With perseverance, just about anyone can develop a blog and attract traffic, which makes blogging one of the easiest ways to create a passive income online.

Affiliate Marketing

As the primary alternative to advertising revenue for independent domains and blogs, affiliate marketing allows you to monetize your existing content without having to appeal to advertising networks. With affiliate marketing, affiliates are paid by businesses for marketing products on their behalf. And blogging and affiliate marketing frequently go hand in hand when the subject matter of the blog can easily be monetized. For instance, a blog about salt water aquariums could find join an affiliate network that sold aquarium supplies for rapid monetization.


Freelance work is available through a variety of popular job websites. Perhaps the most famous example is Elance.com, where freelancers can find thousands of jobs from almost every imaginable industry. Countless programmers, mobile developers, designers, writers, and marketers have already gathered to sites like Elance to take part in the burgeoning online market for independent contractors.

Stock Photography

Along with the growing demand for freelancers come increased opportunities for photographers. Websites like Shutterstock require thousands of images, most of which are relatively mundane or nondescript, and nearly all of which can be achieved with no more than a smartphone camera. While creating stock photography may not be the most creative work found on this list, it’s also some of the most consistent and reliable.


Creating your own YouTube videos can provide considerable ad revenue when your page is able to acquire a steady stream of traffic. However, success on YouTube requires both original content and frequent content updates. While it’s possible that your content will go viral and your channel will become an overnight success, it takes no more than a consistent stream of new video content to begin cashing in on the YouTube advertising network.

Sell Your Things Online

Selling your possessions or products online is simpler than ever before thanks to platforms like EBay and Amazon. Becoming an Amazon merchant is free and simple to do. It takes only a few minutes to post your items online and make them available to a world full of consumers. Similarly, posting auctions to sites like EBay is a potent way to create revenue without any significant skill requirement for doing so.

eBook Writing

One of the most compelling alternatives to blogging is eBook writing. Ever since Amazon Kindle created its independent eBook publishing platform, thousands of small authors have produced inexpensive eBooks on almost every subject imaginable. No matter if you want to write the next bestseller or you just have a small project in mind, writing eBooks on nearly any subject can be a potent source of profit.

Domain Name Flipping

As the name suggests, domain name flipping involves buying a domain name and reselling it before or after you’ve developed the domain. Flipping a domain name before the associated domain has been developed into a functioning and travelled website is typically possible only by speculating regarding the future value of the domain name. For example, following the widespread success of Chatroulette.com, domain spinoffs of this viral website became valuable almost overnight. For those who are able to speculate correctly or sell domains that they’ve purchased and developed, the profitability of those domains can be substantial.

Web Designing

While modern web designers have to learn a variety of programming languages, this obstacle shouldn’t be a strong deterrent for anyone serious about making money online. Languages like HTML and Java are actually highly intuitive, and the learning curve for web development work is aided by developer tools like Adobe Dreamweaver. Best of all, for those who are willing to put in the time and effort to get oriented in the world of web design, there’s no shortage of jobs available for developers of nearly all skill levels.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant (VA) is a professional administrative assistant who provides support to a client remotely from a home office. Virtual assistants utilize technology like Skype and Google Voice to handle a client’s email, phone call conferences, and similar administrative duties. The VA profession is especially popular in web development, marketing, IT, law firms, and the medical profession.


Similar to becoming a VA, an e-tutor works from home to tutor students anywhere in the world and in all grade levels. Typically an eTutor must possess a four year degree or demonstrate proficiency in the subject that they will be teaching. Once hired, an eTutor may work either as an employee or an independent contractor on one of the many tutoring websites online today.


Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for services starting at five dollars. From music and audio to video and animation, Fiverr allows you to market just about any skill you have. While a five dollar commission may sound small, the wealth of work available through Fiverr and sites like it are more than enough to provide a serious boost to your income.

13 Ways To Make Money From Website / Blog

When it comes to making money through a website, the basic principles of capitalism remain the same: you have to speculate to accumulate. While your speculation can take the form of the investment of time, money, or speculation on a technology or brand, it is important to understand that while there is not an exact formula or one size fits all solution to website monetization.

You should not let this discourage you, however, because there is no shortage of ways to monetize a site that have stood the test of time and are powerfully consistent.

The following is a list of the most common ways to make money from websites and blogs, as well as a consideration of pros and cons of each method.

PPC Advertising

One of the most prevalent means of making money from a blog or website is the use of PPC advertising. The most common option in this regard is the Google AdSense platform where Google will pay you to display adverts in your site in exchange for a share of the money paid by the advertiser.

This method is so easy it is often the first way a blog owner will attempt to make money from their site. However it is important to keep in mind that certain sites (including pornography and gambling based content) are not eligible for these programs and there are a variety of rules on how the adverts can be displayed.

CPM Advertising

CPM (cost per impression) advertising is an advert that pays for every person who sees it. This form of advertising was more common in the days before Google’s dominance and today is more often a part of pop-up and pop-under advertising.

CPM advertising networks are typically more sympathetic to more controversial sites that Google’s programs are prone to turning away as well as websites of perceived lower value. However, the revenue per impression is very low, often only fractions of a cent, and pop-ups and pop-under adverts run the risk of alienating your visitors in a way that other revenue streams may not.

In-text Adverting

In text advertising are adverts which are placed within the written content of your site. These adverts look similar to internal links and redirect users to external advertising pages when clicked.

In-text advertising is a powerful and profitable way to monetize your site without having to waste valuable site real estate on advertisement placement. And because in-text advertising targets text content, it is easy for advertisers to provide highly targeted advertising through the use of keywords that users are prone to clicking.

Direct Banner Advertising

Direct advertising involves selling your own advertising space directly to advertisers. Because direct advertising allows you to cut out the middleman, your advertising spaces are able to earn substantially more profit due to avoiding third party commissions and the ability to dictate your own rates.

Unfortunately, most advertisers will not consider doing business with you directly until you have a very large audience to offer. Although the exact figure depends on the advertiser, your audience may have to be as large as 200,000 unique hits per month before direct banner adverting becomes a feasible alternative to ad networks.

Sponsored Reviews

As the name would suggest, sponsored reviews are somewhat self-explanatory. Sponsors are willing to pay many website or blog owners for producing and hosting a (generally favourable) review of a product.

These reviews are some of the most lucrative ways to monetize a website, especially if you possess a loyal readership. Sponsored reviews also have excellent synergy when used in tandem with direct advertising and e-mail lists.

The Money is in the List

Direct advertising generally involves curating an email list on your website for the purposes of sending adverts to the people on that list. Creating and managing such a list is a balancing act between getting users to sign up for your content and maintaining the high quality of content necessary to keep people from unsubscribing.

However, an opted-in mailing list is a great way of drilling down to a list of people with a definite interest in your niche and who are more likely to respond to web content. Consequently, it is one of the most powerful and profitable methods to monetize virtually any type of website.

Affiliate Marketing

Product’s supplier pay commissions to people that recommend and sell their products. Knowing your niche and having a loyal audience makes affiliate marketing especially profitable as these two factors are necessary prerequisites to powerful conversion rates.

While there is a wealth of potential affiliate networks available online, the most reputable and widely used is Amazon. Affiliate marketing is often be used in conjunction with some of the other methods already discussed, especially sponsored reviews and direct marketing.

Sell Your Own Product

If selling someone else’s products does not appeal to you, selling your own is the obvious alternative. Most web hosting companies offer free or cheap support for a variety of e-commerce platforms on the internet that allow you to easily collect payments from consumers.

Payment processing done independently of an e-commerce platform is possible, but payment processing and site security can increase your overhead and operating cost by opting to do so. Tangible products also have associated shipping, handling, and storage costs, but the profitability of your own products should far exceed commissions earned through affiliate marketing.

Write and Sell E-books

There are a variety of free e-book distributors available on the internet, the most reputable being the Amazon Kindle Platform. Similar to running your own blog, writing your own e-books depends on understanding your niche and delivering a product that can fill an otherwise untapped part of your market.

Writing content in markets that are more saturated has the potential for higher earnings but typically requires a higher quality product. If your niche is small then the potential user base is small and you will have to ensure your content is well marketed and highly desirable. Apart from time investment, e-books are also one of the least costly ways to monetize your website or blog, especially if you have an existing readership to market it to.

Selling Your Services

If you are an authority on a subject and can demonstrate that fact through your website, you can use this to sell your services on a consultancy or freelance basis.

For instance, if you are an experienced web developer, you could duplicate your own methodology and structure for people looking to create a site of their own. You could also help people add features or resolve bugs on existing sites – all for a fee that represents the time it has taken you to acquire this knowledge and the potential boon that it brings them.

Job Boards

Job boards are websites like Monster and CareerBuilter that help facilitate employers with access to skilled professionals looking for work. While running your own job board would require competition in a fiercely competitive and saturated job board market, creating a highly niche job board and collecting revenue as a middleman between interested parties wherever your own website’s niche allows this to occur is a viable strategy for monetization.


Asking for donations is typically a hit and miss method of monetization that relies crucially on retaining a loyal fan base. While there are many examples of sites that manage to support themselves by this method alone, typical readership is not inclined to pay for access to material they believe should be free. Consequently donations are typically only a last resort for websites that are otherwise very difficult to monetize.

Selling Your Website

Similarly, because you are only able to sell your website once, it should only be considered as a last resort when other methods of monetization have failed.

You should also keep in mind that the value of your website is largely determined by the size of your readership, their perception of the quality of your site within your specific niche, and the quality of your domain name. Consequently your relative page rank position compared to your competition can be a vital resource.

10 Best Fiverr Alternatives

Anyone who has done business through Fiverr knows that even the world’s largest market has its shortcomings.

Apart from the relatively low $5 limit on transactions, Fiverr’s steep commission of 20% can severely dampen the profitability of doing work there.

Furthermore, at this point in Fiverr’s development, many feel that it is so saturated with users that the resulting competition between buyers and sellers is a detriment to both parties.

But regardless of if your interest in Fiverr is for purchasing work or selling services, a wide collection sites like fiverr have long since developed as a means of facilitating alternatives for the rising demand for accessible, affordable, and high quality micro-transactions.

For both buyers and sellers, this list of the ten top Fiverr alternatives may save or earn you a bundle in the long run.



GigBucks is one of the internet’s most popular alternatives to Fiverr. GigBucks hosts the same types of categories available on Fiverr, but it provides freelancers the ability to vary how much they charge for their services with options ranging between $5 and $50. Unlike several of the more popular Fiverr alternatives, membership is free and there is no post limit for sellers.



If you are looking for forum posts, blog posts, backlinks, or just about anything else in relation to SEO, SEOClerks has something for you. SEOClerks offers a massive amount of available content for incredibly cheap prices as well as a huge variety in the types of available content. Most of the SEOClerks jobs range between $5 and $40 and include many of the same SEO services that you can find on Fiverr.



With one of the broader price ranges for a Fiverr substitute, services through Zeerk run between $2 and $100. To sweeten the deal, Zeerk takes no commission or fees for providing its services as it allows sellers and buyers interact directly. Zeerk also offers continuous contracts with 72 hour deadlines to help resolve seller mistakes and guarantee customer satisfaction. And sellers will appreciate that since jobs are automatically approved, it takes almost no time to create several different job postings in a matter of seconds.



As the name indicates, Fourerr is a Fiverr clone apart from the price associated with posted jobs. Buying something at Fourerr will cost you four dollars — a 20% decrease in cost compared to Fiverr. Fourerr also has a lengthy track record of almost three years as well as a strong record of friendly customer service, which is much more than most Fiverr clones can claim.



Fivess is a UK based alternative to Fiverr which is distinguished largely by its custom coding architecture. Fivess smart design makes it one of the fastest and easiest to work with alternatives in the world. As Fivess is a European based service, services are available from between five and one hundred euros, meaning that you can find an array of premium services that are otherwise unavailable on sites like Fiverr.



For social media strategies, graphic design, product reviews, and just about anything else you can imagine Fiverbid has something for everyone. Prices range between 5 and 100 euros, and user transactions are heavily protected by a stringent terms of use policy to help safeguard both buyers and sellers. Because of its site only transaction policy, Fiverbid is one of the most secure alternatives for both buyers and sellers.



From its interface, categories, and ease of use, TenBux is quite nearly a clone of Fiverr. As the name would suggest, where TenBux differs from Fiverr is that it allows freelancers to sell their work at $10 per job, though a majority of available jobs will still cost you $5. Unfortunately TenBux takes the same 20% commission that Fiverr does, but this is partially mitigated by free membership and a surprisingly active community of users.



Contrary to its name, TwentyVille offers jobs at both $10 and $20. And while TwentyVille shares several of the same categories as Fiverr, you will find more professional-oriented work including graphic design, video editing, advertising, and even software development. Like TenBux and Fiverr, TwentyVille takes a 20% commission on all sales.



Unlike Fiverr, Tenrr allows buyers and sellers to communicate directly in order to facilitate sharing details about jobs as well as to build professional relationships. Payments are secured directly through Tenrr, and there are no associated fees or charges. While Tenrr’s main draw is the fact it is a free platform, it is also one of the most reputable online Fiverr alternatives. Tenrr offers jobs at prices of up to $10.



Approaching its third year in service, GigHours is a remarkable Fiverr alternative simply because of how many users it has drawn during that time. GigHours jobs are priced from $1 to $999 bucks with no associated fees for doing business. Gigs are divided into separate categories and sellers can grade their purchases to help future buyers make better decisions.

10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives

If you are looking for an alternative to Google AdSense, you may find yourself bewildered before the immense number of options available.

After all, how are you supposed to know which networks will deliver the strongest returns or who has the right options for you?

For anyone facing these tough decisions, this list of the best ten AdSense alternatives may be instrumental in your decision.



Since its founding in 2003, Chitika has rapidly become one of the most popular AdSense alternatives While Chitika’s ad performance is notably lower than Adsense, Chitika offers a silver and gold level advertising programs that are ideally suited for those who collect at least 5,000 hits per day.

They are also one of the few platforms that allow a multitude of payment options, including PayPal and checks, with minimum payouts of $10 and $50 respectively.

Yahoo! Bing Network

Yahoo Bing Network

Yahoo and Bing are two of the most popular alternatives to Google when it comes to search engines, and the Yahoo Bing Network is a collaboration of these two behemoth forces into a single advertising network. This network allows publishers to earn advertising revenue through the media.net platform, enabling relevant text advertisements across the Yahoo and Bing search engines.

The defining feature of the network is that it enables publishers a high degree of customization for their advertisements in regards to their size, color, and even shape, allowing ads an ideal fit regardless of the site they are placed upon.



Infolinks is an alternative oriented around in-text advertising that allows users to monetize search traffic without bothering returning visitors. This means that users are introduced to advertising through overlays that are not obtrusive and that minimize their appearance moments after first loading. This is why Infolinks boasts some of the lowest bounce rates of any ad network, making it one of the best in-text alternatives online.



Even though TribalFusion offers one of the highest CPM rates of any network, it is important to keep in mind that this network is not designed for smaller publishers. Your website must receive half a million unique hits in a one month period to be able to qualify for membership to the TribalFusion network.

This network is an ideal place for publishers to maximize their earnings thanks to TribalFusion’s own detailed analysis of site performance, content, and targeting, which helps to maximize your CPM returns on banners, videos, expandables, interstitials, and floating advertisements.



The Kontera network has a specialty with in-text advertising. In-text ads do not take up space on the websites; rather, they analyze the content of the site and change relevant keywords into hyperlink advertisements which appear when users place their mouse over them.

Kontera uses a CPC business model which enables you complete control over which keywords will or will not become advertisements, and the minimum payout is half of AdSense’s own at $50.



Clicksor has one of the widest arrays of advertising formats available among any of these options. With rich media banners, interstitial ads, and pop-unders, they allow CPC, PPC, and CPM payments depending on the type of advertising format that you choose.

The Clicksor text advertisements are eerily similar to Google’s own and their in-text advertising options are nearly identical to that of Kontera. While you can not expect the same amount of payout options as some of the other networks on this list, they do share a minimum payout structure of $50.

Vibrant Media

Vibrant Media

While Vibrant Media’s staple advertising format is in-text advertisement, they also offer something that is almost completely unique among ad platforms: in-image advertisements and vibrant display advertisements.

In-image advertisements load text and image banners on the border of images on a developer’s website while vibrant display advertisements deliver real time ad content that alters itself to match the content on its host page. Apart from being incredibly adaptive, these ad formats are some of the least obtrusive found online.



BuySellAds allows advertisers to independently search for sites on their network in which they wish to place advertisements. Advertisers purchase space directly through the BuySellAds network and ads are typically sold through thirty day flat fee increments.

BuySellAds is a great place for beginners to start because it helps connect even the smallest blog to large advertisers. It is also one of the most flexible networks because it allows an array of customizability in regards to the type of space and format that advertisers can choose.



Bidvertiser’s famous in-text advertisements offer between five and thirty cents per click depending on a variety of factors ranging from the keyword that is clicked to the national origin of the person who clicked.

From leaderboards, banners, skyscrapers, and buttons, Bitvertiser offers all of the unobtrusive forms of advertising that you would expect from a true alternative to AdSense. They also offer a relatively unique feature which allows their advertisements to disappear for one day if a user closes them once, allowing their content be minimally intrusive.



Much like TribalFusion, iSocket is oriented around higher traffic advertising. Because iSocket allows you to sell advertising directly to advertisers, your site needs to have enough traffic to interest potential advertisers in order for you to be successful through iSocket.

The most significant distinguishing feature of iSocket is the backfill ad, which are shown whenever a publisher does not currently have an advertiser. Not only do these ads prevent valuable advertising space from being wasted, they can even be filled with advertisements from third party ad networks.

How to Become a YouTube Partner

YouTube is one of the world’s biggest websites, hosting millions of videos from all around the world. It lets users upload, view, share, and even make money from the videos they upload. As a YouTube partner, your eligible videos may earn money from relevant ads after you enable them for monetization.

What is YouTube Partner Program?

The YouTube Partner Program provides you with tools and programs to improve your skills, build your audiences, and earn money by monetizing more content.

It allows you to make money from the ads that run before or during your videos. YouTube typically takes 45 percent of the advertising revenue from videos, with 55 percent going to the uploader.

YouTube Partner Program Requirements

You are eligible for the YouTube Partner Program if your YouTube channel meets the following criteria:

  • The program has launched in your country.
  • Your account is in good standing and has not previously been disabled for monetization.
  • You upload original, quality content that is advertiser-friendly.
  • Your video content complies with YouTube Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

How to Become a YouTube Partner

You can check whether your account is available for monetization on the Monetization tab in your account settings.

If you see the message “Your monetization tab has been disabled,” this means your account is not eligible for monetization as it may not be in good standing or may have been disabled for monetization previously.

If you see the message “This feature is currently not available in your country,” this means you will have to apply for the YouTube Partner Program via an application,

If your account is eligible, you can sign up for the YouTube Partner Program by clicking on “Enable My Account” and following the steps to accept the YouTube Monetization agreement.

Enable Ads on Videos

To be considered a YouTube partner and access promotional and skill building opportunities, you must have at least one video approved for monetization.

You can submit a video for monetization upon upload or after you have uploaded the video. You video will be reviewed by YouTube before ads begin to show.

Upon Upload

  1. Click the “Monetization” tab on the upload page and click the “Monetize my video” check box.
  2. Select the ad formats.
  3. Click “Save changes” button.

After Upload

  1. Click “Edit” or “$” next to the video that you want to monetize.
  2. On the “Monetization” tab, click the “Monetize my video” check box.
    Monetize YouTube Video
  3. Select the ad formats.
  4. Click “Save changes” button

How do I get paid?

To get payments you need to associate your AdSense account with your YouTube account. Once you have associated AdSense with YouTube, you can be paid when your earnings reach your local payment threshold.

How to Make Money on Fiverr

Almost everybody has dreamed of making quick money online and the recent explosion of micro-gig job boards make it easier than ever to realize this dream. One of the original micro-gig websites is Fiverr. The company has been around for a few years now, but it still provides one of the easiest ways for anyone with a little free time to make quick money online.

How It Works

Fiverr is an online marketplace that promotes the buying and selling of services for $5 each. Anyone is able to sign up, post a gig, and then sell it to another user. You’ll see pretty much every type of service advertised on Fiverr – and all for only $5. If you need some small service performed (for business or personal reasons), then this website is one of the best places to start.

Services posted on Fiverr range from the useful (I will proofread your essay for $5) to the lighthearted (I will turn you into a Family Guy inspired cartoon for $5) to the outrageous (I will paint your personalized message on my beer belly and send you a video of it for $5).

Even though many of the services are ridiculous, there are some real gems hidden on Fiverr. It is a great place to look for basic graphic design, editing, and writing services. If you’re a seller, then Fiverr is an awesome way to make an extra hundred dollars or so each month.

How to Get Started

It is easy to get started on Fiverr. You can set up an account for free by following the simple step-by-step process that the site provides. It shouldn’t take you more than fifteen minutes to get your profile set up and your first service posted.

There are quite a few ways that you can increase the traffic (and sales) on your Fiverr page. Your profile picture is the place to start. This isn’t a professional networking site like LinkedIn, but your profile picture should still be high-quality and show you in a good light.

Your profile description should also be fully completed. This is an area for you to tell your potential customers what you are all about. Space is provided for you to list the skills and experience that qualify you for your listed service. It’s basically a spot to tell your customers why you are the best person for the gig.

Posting a Gig

One of the best things about Fiverr is that it is very easy to use! Posting a gig is as simple as a few clicks and writing a brief description of your product. The first thing that you need to do is create an informative title for your service. Fiverr provides the template “I will _______ for $5” and all you have to do is fill in the blank.

After you have decided upon a creative title, it is time to write down the details of your service. Space is provided for these details. Be as descriptive as possible here. The more details that you can provide, the more likely a customer is going to trust that you will provide quality work.

Photos and Videos

Fiverr gives you the opportunity to post a photo along with each service that you list. Don’t skip this! Adding a photo that is relevant to the service you are providing will get you more hits. More hits mean more sales! Even better than a stock photo is a photo that you took specifically of your product. This better demonstrates the quality of your service to potential buyers.

One of the things that Fiverr most highly recommends if you’re really trying to make money off of $5 gigs is to upload a video for each of your posts. A video is a great way to showcase your product and tell your customers what it is all about. You will sell your service many more times if you have a video on your Fiverr page.

Making Your First $5

Promoting your Fiverr page on your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks is a great way to get a steady trickle of interested buyers coming your way. Sales might be slow at first, but once you have some positive feedback (buyers can rate your services after a purchase), then your services will be seen by more customers on the Fiverr homepage.

After you make a sale the money that you earned will be deposited directly into your PayPal account. It’s as easy as that! The only negative to using Fiverr is that they keep $1 from every sale as a fee for using their website. Thankfully, this is the only fee that they charge for their service. Fiverr is still a pretty good deal if you figure that you just made $4 for, quite possibly, less than five minutes of work.

The Next $5

You should notice a definite increase in sales after your first. This is because of the buyers who are giving you positive feedback and promoting your products. It is important to continue to treat every customer like they are your first. Producing only the highest quality content is essential in getting customers to come back for more.

How Much Can You Make?

The amount of money that you can make using Fiverr is up to you! It depends on how much energy you put into promoting yourself and your services. Even just $5 a day is better than nothing!

Some of the top sellers on Fiverr have reportedly made over $20,000 in a year! That is a lot of $5 gigs. A more realistic starting goal could be to sell five services per day. That is about $20 a day for less than a half hour of work once you subtract the $1 fee.

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5 Ways to Avoid Procrastination When Working From Home

Procrastination is the bane of anyone who works from home. Without someone to tell you what to do, to motivate you and to keep you being productive, the entire responsibility ends up lying on your hands.

Procrastination is one of the most common reasons why those who work at home often fail to make a livable income.

Learning to discipline yourself and be a harsh boss for yourself is essential if you are to succeed in a situation where it is so easy to get distracted. Consider the following to become more productive when working from home.

Prioritize Your Tasks

Setting priorities is essential, even if you don’t actually have deadlines. Prioritizing tasks and having a timetable means that you will be treating your work more like a regular job.

While this might seem to defeat the whole purpose of working from home, it is important to get into a proper routine lest you end up not taking your work seriously enough.

Ensure that you prioritize your tasks and get the most important work done first. Focus on the most effective money-making activities.

Set Realistic Goals

Some people who work from home have an obsession with creating financial goals. This is not the best idea, however, since being self-employed, there are many uncertainties. Instead, set yourself activity goals.

For example, if you are a freelance writer, aim to write a minimum number of articles every day. Even if you are not working for anyone in particular, you can still be productive by writing content for your website, for revenue share sites or for online marketplaces.

Think about the Rewards

Motivation is an essential part of avoiding the temptation to procrastinate. The quickest way to lose your sense of motivation is to dwell too much on the hard work involved in order to reach your goals. Instead, get on with the work at hand while reminding yourself of the rewards.

Instead of focusing on the more repetitive and uninspiring areas of your work, think about things like the financial rewards and the freedom that your job brings with it.

Get Rid of Distractions

When you are working at home, there are far more likely to be constant distractions tempting you to procrastinate. It is easy to get a little too comfortable working at home. It is easy, after all, to go and turn on the TV, have a much longer lunch break or get distracted by a multitude of other things.

To help prevent this, have a dedicated home office where possible. Avoid distractions by not surrounding yourself with them. You may even find it more effective to change your place of work entirely.

Take a Break

Last but not least, take a break. This might sound counter-productive, but setting aside a certain amount of time per day to having a break is important for keeping yourself motivated and your mind clear.

Make the most out of the time you dedicate to breaks by getting a change of scene or perhaps even getting something else important, though not necessarily work-related, done in the process.