5 Best WordPress Gallery Plugins

For thousands of sites across the Internet, gallery plugins are the cornerstone of multimedia presentation. By allowing you to showcase beautiful high-rise images of screenshots, full-length videos, and other illustrations, a gallery plugin can help add a touch of professionalism

5 Best Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress

Share buttons are one of the best ways to get your readers to share your content on their own social networks. Apart from being SEO-friendly, share buttons are also an excellent way to create an element of social proofing on your site, by allowing you to visually show how

7 Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins

With the almost endless variety of ecommerce plugins available today, it’s easy to get lost in the search for the plugin that is ideal for you and your individual needs. Fortunately this isn’t a search you have to undertake on your own, and putting aside the differences in

SEOPressor Review

In the battle to promote your product or service effectively online, good search engine optimization is vital. The SEOPressor V5 plugin for Wordpress claims to have a lot of the answers - and to be easy to use - but what does it actually do and, considering the remarkably low