9 Tricks to Increase Interaction for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Social media has been a game changer for industry insiders across a wide spectrum. Clothing lines, travel agencies and concierge providers all operate through their individual social networks. Understanding simple tricks can give businesses and sales teams an inside track towards

TweetAdder Review

Regardless if you’re blogging for fun or for business, you need your profile to get the right kind of attention if you want your social media presence to grow. Getting your intended audience to tune into your channel can be difficult, but with the right tools to help, the task

Twitter Bio Ideas – How to Write Your Twitter Bio

If the point of your Twitter account is to be amusing, interest your peers, or to even share about your life, then it doesn’t matter one bit what you put in your Twitter bio. But if you’re looking to gain followers or convert customers, it’s important that you know how to write a

How to Add a Twitter Follow Button to Your Website / Blog

Ever since the follow button was first released way back in May of 2011, social media buttons have become a staple of blogging. Adding Twitter buttons to your website will help your visitors share content and connect with you on Twitter. Thankfully, Twitter has made adding a

30 Most Used Twitter Lingo, Slang, and Abbreviations

Requiring users to remain terse with a 140 character limit, Twitter users rely on slang and abbreviation to get their message across. Learning the language of Tweets is an important part in getting accustomed to the world’s third largest social media platform. While there

10 Ways to Get More Twitter Followers

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites, which you can use to connect with family and friends, interact with colleagues and associates, and engage with existing and prospective customers. Twitter is also an ideal tool for social media marketing. As you get

How To Customize Your Twitter Page

Twitter automatically sets your profile page to the default design when you open a Twitter account. If you prefer to use your own design, there are several options for customization. Whether you want to publicize your business, put your own personality on the page or simply

How To Enable Two Step Verification On Twitter

Twitter has finally introduced a form of two-step authentication in order strengthen the security of Twitter users. Microsoft, Google and Facebook already allow two-step verification as an option. To enable two-factor authentication on your accounts you need to register a