6 Ways to Delete All Your Tweets at Once

Most people are surprise to learn that Twitter does not offer the ability to delete all tweets at once.

Fortunately several third party services have come forward to fill this function gap with tweet-delete platforms.

Of course not every one of these solutions is identical, and the differences between each option in both features and scope should be carefully considered before selecting which to use.


Are you trying to delete all of your tweets with one click, no questions asked? TwitWipe offers precisely that. Sign in to TwitWipe with your Twitter account and select the “delete all the tweets” button. It only takes two or three seconds for all your tweets will be permanently deleted. And better yet, unlike some of the other tools on this list, TwitWipe has no limit on the how many tweets can be deleted.


As a free tweet delete service, Tweet Eraser is in a class of its own. The great thing about Tweet Eraser is that it can help mass delete your tweets without losing them all. Once you’ve started with Tweet Eraser, you can choose to either delete all of your tweets indiscriminately or to target tweet deletes with the use of a hash tag filter. This makes it a breeze to target only specific types of tweets for removal, like those tagged #personal.


Do you want a free online application to delete all your tweets? If so, Delete All My Tweets may be just what you need. After launch, deleting your tweets takes only three simple steps. Just sign in to the app with your Twitter account, confirm your decision to remove all of your tweets, and receive your deletion report tallying up all the removed content. However, because Delete All My Tweets only allows you to delete 1,000 tweets at a time, you may be forced to repeat this three step process multiple times.


Are you trying to delete some of your old Tweets? Tweet Delete can help! By allowing users to target tweet messages that are older than a user-specified age, you can clean up your Twitter account and still hold on to many of your tweets. Tweet Delete is especially useful for people who want to delete old tweets to remove ancient data from their account. But be warned, Tweet Delete only works for the last 3,200 visible tweets.


For $2.99, the Tweeticide app can help you delete all of your tweets once and for all. Available for both the iPhone and the iPad, Tweeticide will let you keep your screen name, followers, and messages, while still removing all of your tweets. However, keep in mind that Tweeticide is only able to delete your last 3,200 Tweets.


TweetyClean is designed to help you delete all of your tweets, including your retweets. And because TweetyClean also has a stringent terms of service, you can be assured that your data will be not be stored or shared during the deletion process. If tweet privacy is a major concern for you, TweetyClean is the first place to turn.

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