How To Block / UnBlock Someone On Instagram

If you’re trying to avoid having your pictures viewed by undesirable users on Instagram, one solution is to block them. Anyone you block cannot view your photos, videos, nor search for your account through Instagram.

Blocked users are also unable to see pictures from the “Photos I’ve Liked” tab of Instagram, and they are not notified when they are blocked. And if you resolve your differences, unblocking users only takes a few moments as well.

The following steps will guide you through the process of blocking and unblocking someone on Instagram from your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

How to Block Someone on Instagram

Blocking Followers

Launch the Instagram app; it looks like a vintage camera on your phone’s app interface. Log in to your Instagram account with your user name and password. From the bottom right of your Instagram screen, select the profile tab.

Instagram Profile Button

On the top of your profile, there is a followers button that can be selected to display a comprehensive list of your following. Tap the follower button and then proceed to search for the user name you want to block.

Instagram User Profile

From the user’s profile, tap the arrow button in the top right corner of their profile screen. This arrow button brings up a menu at the bottom of your screen which allows you to either block the user or report them for spam.

Instagram Arrow Button

Select the “Block User” button to remove them from your follower list and prevent them from viewing your posts.

Block User On Instagram

Once you’ve selected to block the user, Instagram will ask you to confirm the action one final time. Select “Yes, I’m sure” and you’ve successfully managed to block that user completely.

Blocking Others

If the user you’re trying to block isn’t a follower, there’s a similar and equally simple process. From your Instagram home page, select the Explore tab at the bottom of your app. Select the Explore button and click on the search bar in the top right corner of the app.

Search and Block People on Instagram

From here, search for the user that you wish to block by typing their user name. From the list of users in your search results, select the one you wish to block and follow the same steps above.

How to UnBlock Someone on Instagram

Blocking and unblocking users on Instagram follows the exact same procedure. Navigate to the blocked user’s profile and tap the arrow icon.

UnBlock User On Instagram

In place of the “Block User” button you will find an “Unblock User” button that will remove that person from your ignore list. Similar to blocking a user, an unblocked user will not be notified of the change.

Final Notes

Keep in mind that the blocked user’s icon may remain in your follower list visually until you refresh your follower’s page. A blocker user’s likes and comments will remain visible on your images even after they’ve been blocked, but these can be manually deleted. Lastly, blocking a user from performing a @mention command directed to your account requires that you change your user name.

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