How To Delete A Facebook Page

Trying to delete a Facebook page can be a surprisingly unintuitive process. Thankfully, it’s still a process that anyone should be able to navigate through in only a matter of minutes.

However, keep in mind that pages are different from personal timelines. Every person on Facebook can have a personal timeline as well as several pages, so be sure to carefully follow these instructions.

How to Delete a Facebook Page

To begin the deletion process, log in to your Facebook account. From here, select the Page that you intend to delete. From the top of your Page, click “Edit Page” and select “Edit Settings” from the drop-down menu.

Edit Facebook Page Settings

This will open up a setting window from where you can delete you Facebook page by clicking “Delete your Page at the bottom of the Page next to “Remove Page“.

Remove Facebook page

After clicking this option a link will appear called “Delete [Page Name]”. Click it and a prompt will appear asking you if you are sure you want to begin the process of deleting this page. Click Delete Page to confirm.

Delete Facebook Page

If you delete your page, you will still be able to restore it within 14 days. After that, you will be asked to confirm that you want to permanently delete it. With that done, your Facebook page should be offline within seconds.

Unpublish Page

As an alternative to deletion, you can also choose to unpublished your page. Unpublished pages are not visible to the public but remain available if you should decide you want your page back. This makes unpublished pages a great way to temporarily remove your page or save your data should you wish to have your page in the future.

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