How To Save Pictures From Instagram

Downloading someone’s Instagram pictures can be difficult because of the download restrictions present on the Instagram website and mobile application.

While most websites allow you to download content directly, Instagram employs simple image protections that detour most users from downloading content posted there.

Fortunately, overcoming this protection takes very little work and can be done in several different ways depending on your platform.

How to Save Pictures from Instagram

Download Your Own Photos

If you’re looking to download your own photos, it’s easy to do so straight through the Instagram app. From the bottom right of screen, select the Profile tab and then tap the gray gear in the upper right corner of your screen.

Instagram Profile Button

Instagram User Profile

Now scroll down to “Save Original Photos” and then toggle the save photo switch On if you want to save the photo.

Instagram Save Photos

This will send your photos straight to your camera roll. While it isn’t as convenient a means of downloading large numbers of photos, it does allow you to handle a select few without having to resort to a third party.

Desktop Clients

While there are several different clients that can help you download Instagram images, Free Instagram Downloader is one of the more well-rounded options. All you have to do is provide the program with a user name to receive a complete visual list of all the user’s photos. From there, you can select or deselect the photos that you want to download manually or with batch action.

Another option for bulk image downloading is Instaport, an Instagram recommended service that allows you to download all of your photos to a .zip file. You can also filter the photos that you want to download from the ones you don’t by the date they were taken, the tags they used, or a specific quantity. Once the download filter is completed, the site takes only a few minutes to prepare the file and before you can download it.

Mobile Apps

If you want to save Instagram photos straight to your camera roll, you can use a free jailbreak tweak called InstaSave. Extremely simple to use, InstaSave requires virtually no configuration. After you install it, you’ll be able to tap the ellipsis button next to a photo to reveal a save option. You should remember this as the ellipsis that typically reveals the buttons to report harassment or share to Facebook and Twitter. Best of all, the save button looks as though it’s a standard feature and does not stand out in any way, making it a perfect mobile counterpart to the chrome extension.

Google Chrome Extension

If you use the Google Chrome browser, you can use a Chrome extension called Save Images From Instagram. Available straight from the Chrome extension library, this extension allows you to save images directly from Instagram by right clicking them and selecting “Save Image As.”

Another chrome extension called Instagram Downloader also lets you download photos from Instagram. To download photo click on the extension button, while tab with photo on Instagram website is opened and active.

Instagram Photos

In popup window you will see a miniature photo, which you’re about to download. Click “Download” button to save photo on your device.

Essentially, this extension enables your browser’s own save image function that the Instagram site had disabled, making it a simple and unobtrusive answer to the problem.

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