How To See Who Unfollowed You On Instagram

Instagram is a great way to express your artistic talent, indulge in the lives of others, or just network with your friends.

And regardless if you’re managing a huge account or just keeping up with your favorite celebrity, every follower counts.

Fortunately, finding out who unfollowed you is easy with any one of the following services.

Friend or Follow

Friend or Follow is a follow monitoring service that Tumblr and Twitter users may already be familiar with. Only recently extended to include Instagram follower support, signing up is free and a single account can help you manage multiple networks easily. It’s also simple to quickly sort and filter through your contacts on two lists, followed and unfollowed. There’s even a professional version of the software that raises a few free-version minor restrictions, removes ads from your experience, and ads a few more exporting and viewing options.


Calling itself the best way to manage and analyze your friends on Instagram, Unfollowgram is easy, free, and fast. With more than half a million users to date, unfollowgram is available on every device through the site. Log in with your Instagram account to find out who unfollowed you, who didn’t follow you back, or even manage your following with simple mass settings.


With an average user rating of 9/10 over 40,000 votes, InstaFollow provides the much the same follow, unfollow, and follow-back tracking as the other services on this list. But not to be stopped there, InstaFollow also lets you track new followers, find mutual friends, get insight on your fans, and much more.

While InstaFollow has a 10,000 follower limit, that shouldn’t be a deterring factor for most people. And with an optional engagement package that provides extra information including your best followers, top commentators, secret admires, and so on, InstaFollow provides a powerful free experience with tantalizing premium extras.


If you’re not keen on handing over too much personal information or giving access of your account over to a third party, you’ll love InstaQuit. For as little as a valid e-mail address, InstaQuit will provide you in-site or in-email follow and unfollow statistics for your Instagram account. It will even report back to you as many times a day as you would like. Additionally, the UK hosting shouldn’t be a deterrent for US citizens because the service operates perfectly smoothly across borders.

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