How To See Who Unfollowed You On Twitter

By default, Twitter can tell you nothing about the followers you have lost.

In spite of that fact, learning more about the followers you have lost has proven to be one of the most effective ways to retain and grow a healthy readership on Twitter.

After all, losing followers on Twitter isn’t just a matter of popularity; it’s a matter of credibility.

So what was the last tweet that your follower read before they unfollowed you? How long were they a follower?

With the right social media management tools, it takes only a few clicks to discover who unfollowed you and why they did it.

6 Ways to Find Out Who Unfollowed You on Twitter


How Qwitter works is very simple. Sign up for an account and after a week you’ll receive an unfollow report in your email. This report will include a breakdown of users who unfollowed you, ranked according to the number of followers that those users have. You can then mark the accounts that unfollowed you as spammers, persons, or bots.

Qwitter is available with both free and pro versions. The free version of Qwitter allows you to track one Twitter account, check unfollowers, and get weekly updates for no charge. The pro version of Qwitter starts as low as $2 per month and allows you to track multiple accounts, check unfollowers, followers, and to see which of your tweets were the most effective.  Additionally, a 30 day trial is available for anyone who wants to give Qwitter a risk free try.


True to its name, Fllwrs keeps a record of who follows and unfollows you on a daily basis. If the weekly report provided by Qwitter is a little to sparse for your needs, Fllwrs has settings that enable you to be notified immediately, or in more regular intervals. It will even monitor long-term changes in your followers over time in order to keep an established history of your account’s following as you lose and regain followers. In short, Fllwrs is a crucial aid to social media managers who want to refine their posting technique to keep as many followers as possible.


Who.Unfollowed.Me is a free service that provides an instantaneous and comprehensive list of users who have unfollowed your account. You don’t have to wait for an email or message to access this list; you can get it directly from the Who.Unfollowed.Me homepage from just about any device. Just sign in and click on the “who Unfollowed me” link to get you list. And if you want to tweet about those who unfollowed you, there’s even a “tweet this” button that allows you to easily respond directly to your unfollowers.

Collecting over six million users to date, is a simple tool that allows you to see who has unfollowed you on Twitter. Supporting both email and tweet notifications for the bad news, also allow you to unfollow, follow, block, or unblock these users straight from your dash. You can also auto-follow anyone who follows you, send messages to several users, compare your followers, and invite users to follow you with just one click of the mouse. And thanks to the OAuth authentication procedure, there are absolutely no security concerns because you do not have to share your Twitter password with any third party.


At its core, ManageFlitter is all about revealing which users have unfollowed you and giving you the ability to respond to those persons in turn. But more than that, ManageFlitter is a first rate Twitter management tool. With help for your unfollowing, following, analytics, posting, and search needs, this tool can give you complete control over your Twitter account.

ManageFlitter is available in three versions, free, pro, and business, each containing more special features than the last. These features include things like advanced analytics, keyword volume analysis, spam/bot account blocker, account whitelisting, e-mail reports, and much more.

Sayonara App

If managing Twitter is your sole responsibility or you’re managing a smaller account, Sayonara may be perfect for you. Keeping you up to date with a heartbeat response time, Sayonara creates a push notification every time you lose one of your followers on Twitter. It also enables a detailed view of that person’s biography, tweets, and even buttons to follow, unfollow, or block that user.

And to provide the most detailed profile of the unfollower as possible, Sayonara will even tell you how long the user was following you and what was the last tweet they saw. You can even use it to send a tweet directly through the app to ask the user why they’ve unfollowed. While push notifications for every unfollower may be impractical for larger Twitter accounts, Sayonara does include support for multiple accounts. And to keep things simple, you can filter notifications to only accept messages from users you follow, protecting you from most spam.

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