5 Ways To Use Instagram On PC

Instagram offers a lot of fun and engaging ways to connect with people online, but the fact that there’s no native support for PC has been a significant source of frustration for many.

Fortunately, a number of third party sites have emerged to help Instagram lovers use their favorite app on PC.

Below you’ll find a list of the five best Instagram to PC tools, and there’s something for everyone.


Deceptively simple, Pixta gives you access to every standard Instagram feature, like news feeds, profiles, commenting, and photo likes. But unlike Instagram, Pixsta also lets you freely search for content, download photos to your PC, and share content straight from your computer without the need for a mobile device. If preparing and uploading professional quality photos sounds like something you want to do, then Pixsta is worth a look.


While most of the tools on this list are emulations of Instagram, Gramblr is a little bit different. With Gramblr, all you have to do is sign into Instagram, select the photo you want to upload, throw on an optional caption, and hit the upload button. From there, Gramblr can take pictures straight from your phone, camera, or PC, and then upload them on Instagram. Direct upload from the web is one of the rarest features in the Instagram app niche.


This web based iteration of Instagram uses the Instagram API, allowing you to do everything you can do on Instagram straight from your PC. It’s easy to save Instagram photos using Webbygram, and it’s just as easy to sort through social data, like comments and likes. If you have a significant number of followers, and have to sort through hundreds of comments and likes on your page, then Webbygram is one of the better options available.


Formerly Webstagram, Websta is the Instagram web viewer that brings the true Instagram experience to the desktop platform. You can view photos, like, comment, follow, unfollow, and everything else you can normally do on Instagram. You can also do several things that are impossible from the Instagram app, like managing RSS feeds and mass follower management from the web client.


If you’re on a Mac, PhotoDesk may be the closest thing you can get to Instagram in a browser. Apart from being a faithful recreation, PhotoDesk has a simple slide-view feature allows you to quickly browse through full resolution photos and make full use of large PC monitors. PhotoDesk is also has a fairly useful tool for suggesting new users to follow based on the sort of content you’ve liked before. If you’re looking to enhance some of the more social aspects of Instagram, PhotoDesk is a great choice.


  1. Fakharuddin says:

    Hi Harpreet,
    Instagram is really important for Social Media Marketing and most of the people face problem using Instagram from pc. Thanks for the great list and hope this will also help me.

  2. Hi Singh,
    Thanks for the great and informative post.
    Instagram is one of the most powerful Social Media Marketing Platform that helps to boost traffic. Some 3rd party tools/site allow us to browse Instagram account from PC but phone is best for browsing Instagram perfectly.

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