How To Add Instagram Widget To Blogger

Looking to add Instagram to your website? Unlike many social networks, Instagram has little support for embedded posts.

Thankfully, there are a handful of highly valuable widgets that can help bring the native Instagram experience directly to your site.

Below we’ll look at three ways you can add Instagram to your website or blog in only a couple of minutes.


Used by over 80,000 sites, SnapWidget is arguably the simplest way that you can import Instagram content to your site. With this widget, you can instantly set up Instagram photo gallery on your site, and then easily embed that content anywhere you want on your page. SnapWidget is free, easy to set up, and highly customizable. Just provide SnapWidget with some basic information about how you want your gallery to appear, and then copy the provided code snippet on to your site. SnapWidget will do the rest!


If you’re concerned about making an Instagram widget fit on your site perfectly, you should definitely take a look at Instansive. This fully responsive widget will automatically resize to fit whatever space you provide for it in your website or blog. With only a few clicks, you can adjust everything from the captions and photo padding to the number of rows and columns in your gallery. Provide Instansive with a username or hashtag, and then paste the generated code wherever you want the widget to appear on your site, it’s that simple!


If you’re looking for both a high degree of customization and ease-of-use, you’ll want to check out Intagme. Much like the other two widgets on this list, when you provide a username or hashtag to Intagme, it will automatically create a custom widget code for your site. You’ll find many of the same customization options as with SnapWidget and Instansive, but you’ll also find Intagme to be incredibly stable thanks to its use of the Instagram API. You can even choose between a grid and a slideshow widget, allowing you to fully customize your presentation.



  1. Hi Singh,

    Thanks for the nice tutorial. This is totally new for me. I’m a user of blogger and run two of my blog using this platform. I’ll surely add Instagram widget to my blogger blog.

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