5 Best Blogging Platforms

There are many platforms that you can use to build a blog. If you are new to blogging, thinking about why you want to blog will help you choose the right platform to meet your needs.

Do you simply want to share your thoughts? Or is your primary goal to earn revenue with your blog?

Will your blog be text driven or do you just want to display your artistic creations like photos or paintings?

Planning and answering some questions ahead of time will help you choose the best blogging platform for you. With that said, here are six of the most popular platforms used by bloggers.

5 Platforms for Building Blogs


WordPress Logo

WordPress owns the number one spot for blogging platforms, and it has earned its place. It is a feature rich platform that offers perks like traffic statistics, an awesome set of themes that continues to grow, anti-spam filters, and much more.

There is a huge list of plugins that allow you to easily and seamlessly enhance the functionality of your blog.

WordPress has a huge online community of engaged users, so it is very easy to find support if you need it.

Whether you want to blog for fun or for profit, WordPress has what it takes to fulfill your needs.



The Google Blogger platform is very popular for two reasons (besides the fact that it is completely free).

First, it was one of the very first blogging platforms to hit the internet. Blogger actually helped pioneer the blog formatting styles that we see today.

Second, it is extremely user friendly. Even a newbie can have a blog up in an afternoon.

If you use multiple Google services, you will appreciate the ability to easily integrate them with Blogger.

Google Blogger allows anyone to start an attractive blog that can be easily customized without needing to learn programming or HTML.



Blog.com is another popular blogging platform, and like many services, it has pros and cons.

Similar to WordPress, Blog.com offers a selection of dazzling themes that can be used to create a captivating blog. There is also a selection of advanced plugins.

On the not-so-good side, you will see more ads using Blog.com’s free service compared to the free version of WordPress.

You are also going to get up to 2GB of free storage space versus 3GB of free space with WordPress.



Tumblr is good for creating visual blogs and posts that are light on text. For bloggers that want to show their art (photos, paintings, and other art), Tumblr is a platform to consider.

Because there is a little bit of a learning curve due to the layout of Tumblr’s dashboard, Tumblr is decent (but not great) for beginners or micro bloggers to get started.

However, bloggers who are somewhat experienced might find Tumblr’s design controls to be a little limiting.



Weebly is more than just a blogging platform – it is an actual website builder. Weebly’s interface features simple to use drag-and-drop technology. Users can create slideshows, image galleries, video/audio, and more.

Weebly has a well-earned reputation for being a very easy to use platform. The website builder is very fast, full of features, and has a number of options that let virtually anyone make a great looking website.


  1. Hi there Harp! I am a blogger and I want to make money online, but I often times wonder for my fellow blogger who uses free blog platform. Is there a chance that they can earn the same way as keeping your own domain?

    • Harpreet Singh says

      I know some bloggers who are on using .blogspot.com domain and they get good traffic. But if you are serious about bloggin and want to become full time blogger then you should have your own domain.

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