8 Best Keyword Research Tools

Finding the right keywords is one of the most important factors in internet marketing. When it comes to PPC advertising, many consider it to be the single most important factor in a successful marketing campaign. Keyword Research tools also help you to get keyword ideas and suggestions for your content.

Finding keywords through manual research is often difficult and time consuming, but to meet the demands of industry, a variety of Keyword research tools have entered the market in recent years.

Below you will find a list of the eight best keyword research tools available today as well as a consideration of what makes them excellent.

Keyword Discovery

Keyword Discovery

Keyword Discovery helps web developers to find the best keywords for their respective niches by pulling data from several of the leading search engines metadata from around the world.

This involves a deep analysis of historical trends, the effectiveness of previous keywords, and even the financial values of PPC advertising campaigns. With all this data combined, it is easier than ever to make incredibly informed decisions about which keywords to utilize.

While Keyword Discovery is a premium level tool with a premium price, its effectiveness may be worthwhile for anyone who is serious about keyword research.



WordTracker is widely regarded as an industry standard for many professionals in the SEO industry. And for good reason — WordTracker is much more than a simple keyword generation tool, it is closer to a comprehensive SEO toolkit because it offers features that help with the optimization of several different areas of your site.

While a subscription to the WordTracker service has a significant price tag attached to it, optimizing PPC programs or similar marketing efforts could not be any easier or more effective than with WordTracker.

Market Samurai

Market Samurai

The Market Samurai suite is oriented around tracking your page rankings for specific keywords in order to help determine which keywords that will provide the strongest returns for your effort as well as finding all the right variations of those keywords. Market Samurai is also ideal for amateur-level research because of its intuitive and simple design.

While this suite includes a content scraper and a relatively cheap price tag, experienced SEO marketers may want to avoid Market Samurai as a tool principally designed in the interests of less experienced marketers.



In order to individuate itself among a saturated market of SEO keyword research tools, HitTail has focused its services specifically on longer keywords and phrases that are typically more difficult to narrow down.

What truly makes HitTail unique is that it can provide keyword suggestions based not merely on broad trends in search engine traffic, but instead on your sites own traffic. And rather than catering only to the largest industry, HitTail offers four different tiers of service as well as a free trial.

HitTail is therefore designed to generate keywords that are by their very nature the least predictable and the most applicable to your own services. What more could you ask for?



SEMRush is one of the more popular keyword research tools on the market today, especially among those who are interested in targeting PPC keywords and intensive looks at URL traffic data.

Once provided with a URL, SEMRush will almost instantaneously generate a handful of insightful metrics. These include an estimate of the target page’s traffic, ad spending, and even the number and type of keywords that the page is targeting.

SEMRush even allows you to evaluate a target URLs paid traffic vs. their organic traffic, allowing you an insightful look into the inner workings of your competition. All these features combined make SEMRush one of the most powerful allies for anyone who is focused on developing an AdWords-centric page or other PPC advertising.



Moz (earlier SEOmoz) is considered by many to the most powerful and most comprehensive SEO suite on the market.

Between link building tools, page analysis, a huge database of links including information about the associated authority metrics of those pages, Moz offers the total SEO package.

Between the automated reporting tools, the endless stream of new features being developed as the world of SEO evolves, and the intensive on-page analysis features. The only thing Moz can not do for you is build your site.

Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro’s main three features are keyword research, competition analysis, and page rank checking. Because Long Tail Pro enables the search of several different keyword seeds simultaneously, it is easy to generate nearly a thousand valuable keywords per day.

Using Long Tail Pro’s search filtering, these keywords can then be examined and prioritized as easily as they are gathered. And because Long Tail Pro’s uses SEOmoz’s data center in order to help users determine which keywords are ideal to use, this program provides an incredible value without an incredibly high price tag.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Google Adwords

Google’s Keyword Tool is an incredibly intuitive and user friendly program that is perfectly designed for amateurs to keyword research. And as part of the Google AdWords arsenal, Google’s Keyword Tool is absolutely free to use.

Once you have loaded the Google research tool, you enter a keyword, short phrase, or even a website URL, and Google delivers a comprehensive list of keyword suggestions along with information regarding how often the particular keywords among the list are searched for.

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