9 Best Online Backlink Checker Tools

These days, link building is one of the most important parts of search engine optimization. The quality of your link profile is a boon or a curse depending on how you build it.

If you’re trying to gain some insight into your own link profile, please consider the following list of the best online backlink checker tools. From free solutions to premium tools for SEO professionals, you’ll find something for everyone.

Analyze Backlinks

Given a domain name and a piece of anchor text, Analyze Backlinks relatively simple site can give you all the information you need. Notably it includes the optional ability to only show links from the homepage, find anchor text and outbound links, or increase the speed of your searching drastically by turning these features off entirely. You can also search for text on the source code of a backlink.

Backlink Watch

Although Backlink Watch is another free service, there are a substantial amount of advertisements that pop up every time you complete a search, including a large banner popup that has to be manually closed. In spite of all that, this tool deserves a place on the list of best options available because of the high quality of the available reports. The information provided is nothing short of entirely thorough and includes information on external backlinks, SEO issues, nofollow tags on backlinks, and more.

Open Site Explorer

As an official MOZ tool, Open Site Explorer service is no stranger to those involved in the world of SEO. Not only can you get detailed backlink information, you can even compare pages to one another with multiple URLs. Information in the report includes total internal links, total external links, the authority of the page, information about the domain itself, and much more. Information is also presented attractive graphs rather than dry statistical data alone. Advanced reports require a MOZ Analytics subscription, but that’s only necessary for attractive extras like increased search volume or link tracking.

Link Diagnosis

Link Diagnosis allows you to analyze links with three different types of algorithms, variable depths to the PageRank scanned, speed settings, and the ability to select between individual pages and entire sites. Unfortunately it’s one of the slower tools on this list, with many reports taking as many as two minutes to do a single scan. Additionally, you’ll need to use Mozilla Firefox and the official Link Diagnosis browser extension in order to view full reports. But when you finally do get around to receiving those reports, you’ll find them very detailed as well as easy to export and save the data.


With internal updates every 15 minutes, Ahrefs combines up-to-date information with a user friendly interface that makes it easy for anyone to improve their SEO. You can separate new, internal, and external links, list by anchors, linking domains, or best pages, all with a single click. Like some of the other services on this list, AHREFS includes a premium membership options. While free members are restricted to 10 backlinks per request, this cap can be raised as high as 30,000 depending on your membership.

Majestic SEO

Calling itself the Internet’s largest link database, Majestic SEO is the largest publically available index of its kind. With free training videos to help you learn some of the more advanced features, Majestic SEO combines all the amenities of a free backlink checker with the quality of a premium service. Although premium accounts are available for this service, these extras are specifically designed for SEO professionals who need to work with highly technical options like API access.

Small SEO Tools

Backlink Checker by Small SEO Tools is simple tool that combines many SEO fundamentals like link tracking, backlink checking, plagiarism checking, and revererse IP domain checking all into once place. Although there isn’t as many options or functionality as some of the other tools on this list, this site gets the job done and offers enough functionality that you’ll probably want to use it for more than backlink checking.


If you’re looking for short and sweet, look no further. Backlink Checker by iWEBTOOL is about as simple as a backlink checker should be, so it’s an ideal place for an amateur to the SEO game to start. The only significant drawback is that there’s a 10 per hour limit on searching. However a premium account can change that, and premium services are at some of the lowest price of any serviceon this list, starting as low as $4.95 per month.

Rank Signals

The first thing you’ll notice about Rank Signals is how fast it is. Where other tools of this type can take a full minute to return search results, this service can handle essentially any site you throw at it in a matter of seconds. The data you receive from your searching isn’t as detailed as some of the alternatives you can find on this list, but if you’re looking for a simple backlink checker and time is an issue for you, RankSignals is the way to go.

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