10 Best Social Media Management Tools

Regardless if you’re a marketing manager for an advertising firm or a startup entrepreneur, social networking is becoming vital. With the new and rising importance of social media markers in the world of search engine optimization, no business, small or large, can avoid the necessity of having a presence on multiple social networking sites.

But with so many social networking sites, some which seem to have sprung to prominence almost overnight, the difficulty of managing a presence on multiple diverse networking platforms can be significant.

Fortunately, managing your social media content can be almost completely streamlined with the help of social media management software. While there’s a fairly large range of social media management tools on the market today, the following ten are some of the most distinguished and comprehensive software suites available.


At this point in the development of the Internet, just about everyone should be comfortable using email. Email is simply and intuitive — messages arrive, are opened, read, and responded to. And that is exactly how MarketMeSuite works. The simple and direct MarketMeSuite Dashboard allows you to respond to messages on your social media networks in more or less the same fashion as regular email. You can read messages, open a profile to learn more about the person who sent them, and reply to messages without having to leave your MarketMeSuite dash. And by streamlining the message services of all of your social networking sites, it makes it possible to respond to large volumes of messages without having to learn more than a single simple interface.


What Sendible offers is known as a brand analysis feature tool. This tool, in short, actively scours the internet to find out what people are saying about your brand and give you the opportunity to read and reply to it. If people think your brand is cheap, dependable, or that there’s a problem with your customer service, Sendible will collect the data and let you know exactly what’s on your customer’s mind. Sendible can also be used to track one of your competitors, giving you deeper insight into your market. And last but not least, Sendible even includes some of the staple functions of other social media management tools, including scheduled content sharing and detailed analytics.


Where Sendible is the king of hard data feedback and Sprout Social leads the way in clean interfaces, Socialbakers combines these two features into software that offers all the data you need in the most user friendly interface possible. While Socialbakers is one of the more expensive options available on this list because it is designed with larger brands in mind, the price tag may very well be worthwhile for anyone who needs a detailed yet simple analysis of social metrics. By allowing you to track growth across all your social media platforms and determine where your content is best received, Socialbakers is ideal for squeezing the maximum possible value out of your social media networking effort.


As one of the most popular social media management tools used today, there’s plenty worth hearing about HootSuite. Much more than a social management tool, HootSuite helps people collaborate on campaigns across social networks from a single dash. For many people who have to manage multiple social networking sites, it is an essential tool rather than a luxury. By allowing you to track conversions and create accurate and direct measurements of your social media campaign, HootSuite offers unparalleled control over social networking. With both free and pro solutions available and full integration with Google Analytics and Facebook, you’ve got nothing to lose by trying HootSuite.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a surprisingly powerful social media management and engagement platform specifically designed for small businesses. Offering a single streamlined inbox that helps ensure you never miss a single message as well as all the tools you need to post seamlessly and automatically across social networks, Sprout Social puts the social back into social networking. You can also expect the fullest array of monitoring tools and analytics to help you put complicated social media metrics into the most concrete terms.


Compared to the other tools available on this list, Crowdbooster may seem a little minimalistic. But what it does offer, it offers very well. With no-nonsense analytics that help suggest ways for you to improve your engagement online, CrowdBooster isn’t looking to reinvent the wheel, but it is a reliable source of guidance for those new to social media management and SEO. It takes only a few clicks to gain the insight into your social media audiences necessary to improve engagement with your content.


SocialBro is another tool specifically designed for the needs of business. Aimed at teaching users how to target and engage more directly with their target demographics on Twitter, SocialBro is a sort of social conduit that can be a powerful ally in stimulating the growth of your social network pages. One of SocialBro’s most distinct features is that it allows you to browse through specific social networking communities and identify the most influential members of that network. It’s also a complete answer to content efficiency, because SocialBro can determine the best time to Tweet specific audiences, analyze how well your content is performing, and even track post engagement.


While several of the tools on this list have relatively interchangeable functionality, ArgyleSocial is a bit different. Designed specifically for B2B marketing, ArgyleSocial allows users to combine social data with sales numbers in order to help identify and engage the widest range of marketing prospects. ArgyleSocial is also ideal for discovering new quantifiable ways of building stronger relationships with your social media content. If a large part of your interest in social networking is customer retention, this allows you to track the value of your content in respect to that goal.


Probably the simplest way to schedule content releases for multiple social networking platforms, Buffer lives up to its promise of being “a smarter way to share.” The best way to think of the Buffer service is as a virtual queue for your social network posting. You use the queue to stage content and then release it with a consistent schedule without having to worry about manual delivery at the specific times of day that you want to post your content. Because when you post your content can be just as important as what content you post, Buffer allows you to meet the necessity of correct post times without having to plan your life around them.


By combining features and functions from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more, SocialOomph makes it possible to harness the full functionality of multiple social networks without ever leaving your dash. For example, Twitter users can schedule tweets, view mentions, track keywords, and auto-follow any new follower with ease. If you’re interested in getting more productivity out of your social networking hours, SocialOomph may be exactly what you need.

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