4 Best XML Sitemap Generators

Sitemaps are a list of URLs from your site, organized and prepared so that search engines can easily and accurately index all of your content.

XML sitemaps are particularly useful for new sites, sites with dynamic content, sites with hundreds or thousands of pages, and sites with complicated navigation.

Below you’ll find a list of the top four XML sitemap generators online, so rated for ease of use, functionality, and accuracy.

Once you’ve created a XML Sitemap, you can submit it to Google using Google Webmaster Tools and to Yahoo and Bing using Bing Webmaster Tools.

Google Sitemap Generator

Most sitemap generators procure information about a site by either having a spider crawl them or looking at file lists directly on a server. The Google Sitemap generator combines both of these methods to discover all the URLs on your site and then prepare several different types of sitemap files for your consideration. It can find URLs based on your traffic, log files, and files on the server, which always renders a highly relevant and effective sitemap.


Like the name suggests, FreeSiteMapGenerator has all the tracking tools that you’ll need for an XML sitemap. There are a few relatively advanced features, like being able to automatically ping Google anytime a new sitemap is uploaded, but this tool requires little technical proficiency to use. The downside is you’ll need to create a few account to use the service, but the massive 5,000 URL limit makes that more bearable.


With little more than a URL, XML-Sitemaps can give you a sitemap in all four major formats, .xml, .txt, .ror, and .html. This is arguably the most user friendly tool on this list, combining a simple interface with a key terms dictionary for anyone who needs something explained in more detail. Like most sitemap tools, this one is limited to 500 indexed pages, but there’s also an unlimited version of the software that has no page limit. The unlimited version will even automatically submit your data to search engines!


Combining ease of use with remarkably advanced functionality, this XML sitemap generator is equipped to handle page redirects, cookies, encoded URLs, and several other sticky spots that normal XML mapping tools can’t handle. This tool also prides itself as remaining compliant with all rules and standards set by Google, and includes a broken link checker to sweeten the deal. Although the daily page limit of 3,500 isn’t a leader on this list, it should be more than enough for most users.

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