How To Customize Your Twitter Page

Twitter automatically sets your profile page to the default design when you open a Twitter account. If you prefer to use your own design, there are several options for customization.

Whether you want to publicize your business, put your own personality on the page or simply stand out from the crowd, your new customized page will be set as the background for all your Twitter activity.

Background Image

Twitter Background Image

If you have an image you would like to use, such as a company logo or personal photograph, you can upload the image directly to Twitter. Images must be in JPG, GIF or PNG format.

Navigate to the Design tab in your Twitter settings, and click on the Choose File option of the customization section. Once you have uploaded your image, you can choose where it will be positioned on the screen. Images can not be stretched to the screen size, but you can choose whether or not to tile the image.

Colour Scheme

Twitter Colour Scheme

You can make changes to the colour scheme in the Design tab of your Twitter settings. If you prefer to have a solid colour background, rather than a specific image, you can set your own background colour. This can also be useful if your background image does not cover the whole of your page, as the background colour will fill in any blank spaces. Additionally, you can choose the colour of your overlay.


Twitter Header

You can add, change or remove your header image in the Design tab of your Twitter settings. Take care not to use images that may be considered offensive to others or infringe any copyright rules, as this could get you banned from Twitter.

Premade Themes

Twitter Premade Themes

If you prefer to use a premade theme, rather than design your own, you can choose from a variety of themes. Navigate to the Design tab of your Twitter settings, and click on the menu option to pick a premade theme.

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