How to Delete a Blog on Blogger (BlogSpot)

When you delete your blog that you created on Blogger, it will no longer be available online and will be permanently removed from your list of blogs.

If you have got articles on that blog you want to save, you should use the Export blog option. Your blog will be stored as a Blogger export file (.xml) file which you can either keep on your desktop or import into other blog.

How to Delete a Blog on Blogger

1. Sign in to Blogger. You will now be taken to your Blogger Dashboard. If you are not automatically redirected to dashboard, click the Blogger button at the top the page.

2. Beside the blog you want to delete, click the the grey Post List icon.

Blogger Blogspot Settings

3. From the drop-down menu Select Settings.

4. Click Other (under Settings) on the left side of the page.

Other Setting In Blogger Blogspot

5. At the top of the page under Blog tools click Delete blog.

Blog Tools In Blogger

6. Click Delete this blog to confirm that you want to delete your blog.

You can recover your blog during a short period of time after deletion. The undelete option will be available for only 90 days before your blog is removed forever. If you are unable to recover your blog, you can create another blog at this address using the same Google Account.

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