How To Delete Comments On Instagram

Perhaps someone has left a comment on one of your photos that you would like removed, or maybe you have left a comment on someone else’s image that has to go.

Regardless, Instagram allows you to delete comments so long that you have posted them or own the image that they are attached to.

Best of all, deleting comments is very simple and straightforward, but you should keep in mind that there is no way to recover comments once they have been deleted.

How to Delete Instagram Comments on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

From iOS devices like the iPhone, the deletion process has three steps. First, browse for the photograph that has the comment that you are interested in removing. Once found, tap the comment button below the photo that you wish to edit. The comment button is the image of a talk caption adjacent to the like button.

Instagram Comment Button iPhone

Once you have arrived at the comment section of the photo, swipe your finger across the comment that you would like to delete. This action will prompt a reply icon and a trash can icon.

Delete Comments On Instagram iPhone

Selecting the trash can icon allows you to choose between “Delete” and “Delete and Report Abuse.”

Delete Instagram Comments On iPhone

Either option will allow you to delete the comment you have selected, but the latter also contacts Instagram support to report harassment.

How to Delete Instagram Comments on Android

Similar to the process for iOS devices, tap the comment button below the photo which contains the comment that you want to edit.

Comment Button Instagram

From the comment section, select the pencil icon in the top right hand corner of the comments screen.

Instagram Pencil

Once selected, proceed to tap the red “X” that appears next to the comment in section.

Delete Instagram Comment On Android

Confirm the deletion selecting “Delete” and you are all done!

Instagram Comments from Browsers

In spite of the fact that the Instagram service works on normal internet browsers, Instagram does not allow comments to be edited or deleted outside of the Instagram application.

This means that if you want to delete Instagram comments you have made or that others have made on your photos, you will have to do it through an iOS or Android device.

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