How To Delete Linkedin Account

Are you looking for a quick and simple way to delete your LinkedIn account? Rest assured, you’re not the only one. Deactivating a LinkedIn profile has been notoriously difficult for years. There was even a period of time when deactivating your LinkedIn account required you to open a case with customer support. While deactivation is more accessible today, make sure you carefully follow all of the steps below to ensure that your LinkedIn account is successfully closed.

Closing secondary accounts prior to primary accounts is mandatory. Secondary accounts, including duplicate accounts and profiles, need to be deactivated before the accounts which host them can be taken offline. Additionally, if you’re a group manager you will need to close all of the groups you’re responsible for before your profile can be deleted.

Once closed, users lose access to account and contact information. Some data is permanently lost when an account is closed, including pending invitations or recommendations. Most data is stored offline, which allows LinkedIn to reopen your account by contacting customer service at any time. Restoring your account from deletion only requires the name of one of the email addresses associated with the account.

Even after deletion, cached versions of your profile pages may still be viewed on search engines long after your page has been removed from the Internet. These cached pages can be removed by contacting those search engines directly to request that the cache is deleted.

How to Delete Linkedin Account

To begin with, log into the account that you want to close. At the top right of your home page, select the Privacy & Settings.

Linkedin Privacy and Settings

Now click the Account side tab next to the shield icon near the bottom left of the page and select the “Close Your Account” button.

Close Linkedin Account

You’ll be prompted to provide a reason why you’re closing your account. Once you’ve given your answer, select the “Continue” button at the bottom of the page to proceed.

Reason To Delete LinkedIn account

In the following window, LinkedIn will warn you that all e-mail addresses associated with your account will not be eligible for new account creation for 24 hours. You can acknowledge this warning and move on to the last step of the process by clicking the “Verify Account” link.

On this final page, LinkedIn will warn you that your public profile will still be visible on search engines for some duration after your profile is deleted. Once you click the “Close Account” button to acknowledge you understand this warning, you have completed the deletion process.

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