How to Make a Collage on Instagram

Instagram collages are a great way to tell a story with your photos and make your content stand out.

Making collages is also easy to do directly from your phone, and uploading them to Instagram takes only a few extra seconds.

Although you can’t create collages directly from the Instagram app, there are dozens of third party apps up to the task.

Below you’ll find the top five collage apps as well as a brief description of what makes them worth your while.


Ready for all your one-tap collage creation needs, the InstaPicFrame app allows you to use either preset photo templates or customized overlays to create professional looking collages instantly. Simply shake your device to change the photo template and then share them through Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and Flickr all from the same app. InstaPicFrame is free and has over ten million installations to date.

Collage Shaper

Calling itself the easiest way to create collages, Collage Shaper allows you to select from more than 70 shape templates to make your collages. Browse from categories like romance and sports or shapes and animals to pick the perfect shape stencil for your collages. While Collage Shaper doesn’t have many customizable features, there’s a depth to the variety of available templates that makes it worth a look if you’re interested in themed collages.

Pic Collage

Available for both Android and iOS devices, Pic Collage have helped over 40 million people to create template or freeform collage. Add text, borders, filters, and cutouts in an app that puts the editing power of Photoshop into the palm of your hand. You can also import content directly from Facebook or Google, add effects with a tap of the finger, or resize photos directly from the app. Pic Collage is completely free and the latest updates frequently include new backgrounds, stickers, and other content that can help make your collages the best they can be.

Photo Shaper

While Photo Shaper isn’t a collage app per say, it does allow you to enhance collages with shapes like hearts and paws. Able to upload photos directly from social media sites like Facebook and Flickr, Photo Shaper is simple to use and can help make some of the most unique content you’ll find on Instagram. It’s also worth mentioning that while Photo Shaper will work on iOS 6.0 or later, the app has been optimized for the iPad and iPhone.

Collage Maker

If you’re looking for a simple way to make collages with doodles, frames, stickers, and more filters than Instagram has to offer, Collage Maker is for you. With some of the most customizable collages, it takes only a few taps to add text and effects to a collage and then share it to Instagram or Facebook instantly. Collage Maker can also import content directly from your camera roll, Facebook album, or Instagram photos, making it one of the easiest to use apps on this list.

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