6 Social Media Monitoring Tools

With the numerous social media platforms that businesses have to use today, it’s never been more important to be able to monitor your activity on those sites in real-time. In the modern social media landscape, both social listening and monitoring has become a standard practice for most businesses who are striving to improve engagement with their readers. But which tools are best for the task? The following essay concise consideration of six leading social media monitoring tools, so chosen for their comprehensive approach to social monitoring, and other notable features.


There’s no denying that Sysomos is the gold standard of social media monitoring tools. Sysomos is an enterprise-level solution designed specifically for businesses with global reach. It’s highly accurate brand sentiment analysis is largely due to its capacity to translate more than 50 languages, enabling you to monitor your brand anywhere people are talking about it. Additionally, it’s also able to help you easily identify key influencers, monitor your historical data, and create backups and reports for regular review. Although the available email and telephone support are somewhat lacking, Sysomos does provide you with all the social engagement tools you need to keep a close eye on your customers online.


While it lacks language translations, ViralHeat makes up for this lapse with comprehensive keyword searching capabilities. As with Sysomos, you’ll be able to easily identify influential people within your niche. It’s also capable of determining positive, negative, and neutral sentiments with reasonably high accuracy, and even uses your feedback in order to improve that accuracy the future. Furthermore, because it integrates directly with Google Analytics, you have one click access to all of your demographics, traffic activity, and other analytical information. One thing ViralHeat does lack is spam filtering, so you will have to spend some time sorting through inane messages en route to get to what you want.

Social Mention

As one of the better free tools on the market, Social Mention can provide you with a considerable range of information on on keywords. It provides you with fairly accurate scoring for the sentiment surrounding your brand as well as your reach, allowing you to use that data for tracking your progress. Unfortunately, these scores can be somewhat arbitrary, and the search results can be inconsistent, making the provided scores vulnerable to drastic change each hour. However, if you’re looking for fundamental features for free, you can’t go wrong with Social Mention.

How Sociable

Designed specifically to measure brand impact on social media sites, How Sociable has been used by more than a quarter of a million brands over the past few years. With support for as many as 36 of the most popular social media sites, this tool can help you monitor 12 essential metrics for free, or 36 with their premium version. Unfortunately, you have to sign up for the service in order to access the free tracking, but it’s absolutely worth a look. It’s also worth mentioning that this is one of the more accessible social media monitoring tools for beginners.

Visible Technologies

With one of the highest rates of accuracy in its sentiment analysis, the Visible software suite is an enterprise-level solution for businesses with a strong emphasis on social media marketing. It offers unrestricted access to all the data you could ever want, making it an excellent choice for both medium and large businesses. It can translate 11 common languages, has powerful filtering options to always measure influence accurately, and is largely customizable to suit the needs of your own marketing. Unfortunately, this software only works on Facebook and Twitter, but what it does offer is entirely comprehensive for those two platforms, from scheduling to the most esoteric customer service issues.


If you’re looking for first-class real-time monitoring, every engagement tool imaginable, and relatively comprehensive analysis, you’re looking for Oracle. It can provide an estimated 75% sentiment accuracy, it can completely integrate your data into the cloud, and it can automatically set up email notifications to alert you about any spike connectivity occurring on your accounts. Above all, it has the best help and support of any software on this list. With a dedicated account manager, a very detailed FAQ, and a community full of experts ready to help, you’re sure to never have a question unanswered when working with Oracle.

The Verdict

When it comes to choosing a social media monitoring tool, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The tool that will be perfect for your business greatly depends on the type of features and scale that you’re looking for in a software solution. Fortunately, between these six options, there’s certain to be one that’s perfect for your needs. Consider spending a few minutes trying one or two of them and you may find some combination of them may help you fulfill your every need.

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