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Regardless if you’re blogging for fun or for business, you need your profile to get the right kind of attention if you want your social media presence to grow. Getting your intended audience to tune into your channel can be difficult, but with the right tools to help, the task can be made far more manageable. Thankfully, there’s a relatively wide range of tools that can help, including one that’s been capturing a lot of attention over the past few years: TweetAdder. But is TweetAdder the right tool for you?

The Strengths of TweetAdder

With the click of a button, TweetAdder can help you search and discover hundreds of users in your niche you to follow. Following these users can rapidly grow your profile due to Twitter’s follow-back norms, and can also help you keep your finger on the pulse of your niche. There are equally intuitive options for searching for influential people on Twitter, including the ability to target people who have specific numbers of followers. For example, you can search for tweets by keywords, which can be very helpful for boosting your engagement and getting involved in ongoing conversations on Twitter.

It almost goes without saying that TweetAdder has automatic tweet scheduling, but it’s worth mentioning that it also has several other automated features including direct messaging, RSS to tweets, and multiple profile managing tools. This allows you to send messages directly to your followers, keep your blog active in RSS feeds, and keep in touch with all your followers no matter how many profiles you’re working with. There are also several simple time-saving features like language filters, blacklisting/whitelisting profiles, and a host of fully customizable options.

Weaknesses of TweetAdder

For all its strengths, there are a few things worth mentioning in the cons column. First off, there’s no simple way to overview all of your tweets, which is a standard feature in both Hootsuite and Tweetdeck. This means TweetAdder can’t help you monitor the performance of your previous content. There’s also no available information about the best time for you to schedule your tweets, as is available with tools like Buffer.

Worse still, in order to remain compliant with the latest Twitter terms of service, much of the automation that had previously defined this software has been removed or neutered. For instance, you can no longer use it to automatically follow or follow back someone, nor use it for automated @ replies. Although none of these cons are too damning, they do put a wet blanket on an otherwise stellar social media tool.

The Verdict

With highly flexible pricing options depending on the number of accounts you’re using, there’s no denying that Tweetadder can add serious value to your Twitter channel. If you keep in mind that it’s not a tool in order to get an overview of your content, but is specifically designed to help you quickly increase your Twitter following, most users will find that it’s definitely worth investing in.

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