7 Ways To Print Instagram Photos

Impressed with your own photography? In the not so distant past, it took Photoshop skills and half an hour to do what Instagram can do for you in seconds. So it’s no wonder why so many people want to bring their Instagram photos into the real world.

The widespread popularity of Instagram has helped create dozens of ways for you to print your Instagram photos. From fridge magnets to photo albums, printing Instagram photos may be much simpler and more affordable than you had initially thought.


While Printstagram supports several ways to print Instagram content, they’re most notable for the 20×40 inch poster option. Apart from allowing you to create larger than life prints, Printstagram also offers several template designs that can help take a body of work and create a simple image. You can even get gift cards or sets of mini-squares that are perfect for the holidays!


For Instagram and non-Instagram content, PostalPix can help turn your photos into home delivered prints directly through the PostalPix iPhone app. You can create four inch prints for as little as $0.30 each. Some of the other sizes available include two, fight, and eight inch prints with a photo matte finish for a professional touch. This app also makes it easy to draw from content on your phone without that content having to be published to Instagram.


If your filtered photos are worthy of being part of a personal gallery, CanvasPop can help you create high resolution stretched prints for both twelve and twenty inch frames. While these prints are somewhat more expensive than some of the alternatives on this list, costing between $40 and $114 respectively, they’re also some of the highest quality prints that money can buy.


If you want to make an album out of your photos, Blurb can combine your Instagram photos with traditional photo albums for softcover or hardcover books for $19 and $32 respectively. The books run between 60 and 240 pages and eliminate all captions and comments in order to present your work with an optimal amount of artistic integrity.

Artifact Uprising

Looking to add a personalized touch to your home? Offering some of the most creative ways to bring your Instagram prints to life, Artifact Uprising goes far beyond simple photo prints. With clipboard calendars, hard and soft cover books, wood block prints, and wooden print boxes, Artifact Uprising combines class with quality for artistic prints that are ideal for any professional environment.


For a little lighthearted fun, Instagoodies specializes in printing 22mm square stickers in 90-sticker books. One sticker book will set you back as little as $14, and all orders made through the Instagoodies site are prepared in as few as ten days. Unfortunately you’re restricted to selecting content that you’ve published on Instagram, but that should be only a minor hurdle for anyone who wants to print alternative content.


Like the name suggests, StickyGram helps you add some stick to your images by turning them into refrigerator magnets. For $14.99 you can get a sheet of nine, printed within a day the order is received and shipped for free. The prints are approximately the same size as they appear on your phone, and StickyGram offers free shipping across the globe with every order.

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